About Us

Welcome to BP Distro Media

Who Are We

We are BP Distro Media, a creative powerhouse based right here in San Bernardino, CA. Our journey began in 2023 when we recognized the need for a local touch in the digital world. We take pride in our roots and are thrilled to serve our community. Beyond being your local social media experts, we also offer an in-house podcast studio, making us your go-to resource for all things digital in San Bernardino.

Our Mission

At BP Distro Media, our mission is to be the driving force behind our clients’ social media success. We’re committed to providing top-tier social media management services that not only elevate their online presence but also ensure consistent and meaningful engagement with their audience. Our goal is to empower businesses and brands to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

What We Do

Our 6-D Process



At BP Distro Media, we specialize in the art of discovery, uncovering the unique strengths in your social media presence and using them as the building blocks to elevate your brand’s online influence.



We work diligently to define your business or brand’s mission and establish a consistent tone across your social media presence, ensuring your online identity aligns perfectly with your goals and resonates effectively with your audience.



If your business or brand needs a fresh look to thrive in today’s evolving social media landscape, we specialize in designing or redesigning aesthetics that capture contemporary trends and resonate with your target audience, ensuring your online presence remains engaging and impactful.



We meticulously develop a customized plan of action, strategically aligning content production with your unique needs and objectives to drive your success in the dynamic social media landscape.



We deploy a month-to-month personalized content schedule that caters specifically to your audience, ensuring your messaging remains relevant and engaging at all times. 



We take pride in consistently delivering successful results within just a few months, tailoring our strategies to your specific goals and adjusting them based on continuous evaluation, ensuring your social media success is achieved swiftly.

Equipment We Use

Our commitment to high-quality services is powered by top brands like Rode, Sony, Audio Technica, Apple, and Adobe’s Creative Cloud. Rode and Audio Technica ensure clear audio, Sony captures stunning visuals, and Apple provides user-friendly applications. Adobe’s Creative Cloud enhances our creativity.

Our company employs Sony a7III cameras to record high-quality 4K video podcasts, ensuring a visually immersive and professional viewing experience for our audience. These cameras’ advanced capabilities allow us to capture the nuances of our content with exceptional clarity and precision.

To elevate the visual quality of our video podcasts, we utilize Sigma lenses on our recording equipment, including the Sony a7III cameras. These high-quality lenses enhance our content with crisp details, vibrant colors, and superior clarity, resulting in a visually engaging and immersive experience for our viewers.

Our commitment to top-tier audio quality is fortified by our use of RODE microphones and the Rodecaster Pro 2. These premium audio tools allow us to capture crystal-clear sound and facilitate seamless podcast production. With RODE’s cutting-edge technology and the versatility of the Rodecaster Pro 2, we ensure that every aspect of our content, from recording to post-production, meets the highest standards of excellence.

In conjunction with the RODE Rodecaster Pro 2, we employ Blackmagic Design’s ATEM Mini Pro HDMI Live Stream Switcher to enhance our video production capabilities. This powerful combination allows us to seamlessly switch between multiple audio sources and camera angles, providing a dynamic and engaging experience for our audience during recording sessions. With the ATEM Mini Pro and the Rodcaster Pro 2 working in tandem, we ensure the highest level of production quality and professionalism in our podcast recording sessions. 

We leverage the power of Adobe Creative Cloud to fine-tune and polish our video podcasts. This comprehensive suite of creative tools enables us to edit, enhance, and refine our content, ensuring that every aspect, from graphics to post-production, meets our high-quality standards. Adobe Creative Cloud empowers us to deliver visually captivating and professionally produced video podcasts that leave a lasting impact on our audience.

Our content creation is powered by the latest MacBook Pro models from Apple, which provide us with the computing horsepower and efficiency needed to produce high-quality video podcasts. These cutting-edge laptops, with their impressive processing capabilities and stunning displays, enable us to edit, render, and manage our content seamlessly. With Apple’s new MacBook Pro models, we ensure our video podcasts are not only visually captivating but also produced with speed and precision, delivering top-notch content to our audience.